Amazing Updates Independent Editorial, KEYT-TV Interview, and SBCC Channels News!

Two weeks to go and every day is filled with more exciting adventures than the next. I’m really enjoying the process especially personally meeting all my great neighbors and community members. You are why I’m 100% community driven!

Below is an Independent Editorial from Santa Barbara Wine Icon Magan Eng-Kunin, KEYT-TV Interview link, SBCC Channels News story and Aha! Presents about Education.

Please contact me if you’d like to join the Team with phone banking and/or canvassing or just come by and hang out at headquarters. We’d love to have you.

We’re making it all happen!

Enjoy, and have a beautiful day!

Aha! Presents About Education

I was a guest on “Aha! Presents About Education”, a live broadcast on Newspress Radio AM.

Aha! Presents About Education – September 4, 2019